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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Unlike other companies we take cars at any age or mileage!
We can help you to settle your finance, you will need to obtain a settlement figure from your finance company. We can then arrange for the finance to be paid directly to the finance company
We aim to give you a written offer (subject to appraisal) within a couple of hours. In busier times, its a little longer.
We pay directly in to your account as an instant payment.
We can come almost immediately (depending on your location)
We will need to see ownership details as well as a genuine reason as to why the V5/logbook is not in your details. If you're selling the car on behalf of someone, we would need their permission (in certain cases)
Yes of course it is! Just let us know the fault no matter how big or small. We like honesty and in some cases, it probably won't affect the valuation
Depends, we would need to see the repair as well as any necessary tests passed. Each car is considered individaully
Yes most manufacturers only use printed/electronic style service records
Yes. Fill in as much information as you can on the quote page.
Yes we will, if you want to keep your private/cherished registration, you will need to get this removed through DVLA.
This doesn't affect the sale.
Thats okay, we ask you to be as close to describing your car as it its. If you've missed significant damage we would have to price your car accordingly but don't worry about every single scratch
We are first people friendly. No one in our business is paid to be rude, condescending no matter how great or small your knowledge with cars> treat all our customers how we want to be treated and thats with respect
No we don't charge any fees to collect your car
It is based on a number of things including, age, ownership, mileage, condition
No we don't operate on fees or charges.
You'll need all your keys and paperwork including logbook/v5, service booklet, manuals, a car emptied of your valuables including cds, we also ask that the fuel light not to be on


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